ENERBASA complies with the community

ENERBASA complies with the community.

The inhabitants of the communities of Pavana Center, Guanacastillo and Aguacaliente, in the department of Choluteca, were very pleased with the social infrastructure projects that our company Energía Básica, S.A. (Basic Energy) (ENERBASA) inaugurated recently with an investment of nearly one million lempiras.
Before starting the mounting solar energy park works, the company began to socialize various projects, together with the Municipality of Choluteca, with Comunal Trustees and inhabitants of the communities. Today we are excited that the standard of living of many people are improved. We promised to deliver these works before opening the solar energy park, and we have complied.

For instance, in the village of Guanacastillo the inhabitants had serious problems with the supply of drinking water, a situation that was resolved with the construction of a tank with a capacity of 10,000 gallons.

In Pavana Centro, ENERBASA fully rehabilitated the water mega tank in order to provide the community with is safe and healthy water, and ensuring the permanent supply of this vital liquid.

In the village of Agua Caliente, a modern and completely new multipurpose community center was built.

Now this new building will be use for the development of civic and social events for the inhabitants of this community.

In ENERBASA we care about the communities and their inhabitants, we are a 100% Honduran company committed to the development of the country.
Source: http://luiskafie.com